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Foggy45, May 4, 11 1:15 AM.


Foggy45, Mar 31, 11 9:02 AM.
Live as of today!

Mobile Authenticator now available! (Free BTW)
currently its only available on the Android Market, but iOS one is coming soon (as soon as Apple approves the app)
Easy too!

Zam creates "WoWhead" database for Rift

Foggy45, Mar 15, 11 11:06 AM.
Just gone live on March 14th, ZAM launches a Database for Rift.

Start making your gear wishlists now!

As the parent company for WoWhead is porting the same all-encompassing database over to Rift!
Horray for no more spaming /1 Where the hell is this stupid mob!?  lol

Moving will be back

Trinillia, Mar 6, 11 3:26 PM.
Ashnod and I are in the middle of moving will be back online soon hopefully.

Welcome to (Real) Launch Day!

Foggy45, Mar 1, 11 10:05 AM.
The end of Head-Start is near, time to play for real!
Trion is adding 31 NEW servers for the 10am launch, so we shouldn't get too many more people flooding our server.
Keep up the good work with recruiting, and make sure to point them to the forums!
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